Who we are...

AASPUC was formed with a mission to improve the quality of higher education in the Middle East by helping private universities and colleges in the Middle East partner with North American universities, adopt American Style education system and acquire the highest academic accreditation from reputable accreditation agencies (such as ABET and WASC)

Leadership team has the experience and commitment to the mission of improving higher education in the Middle East and they work closely with clients to achieve their goal of international accreditation. We believe that better education will lead to better future and improved lives for generations of students and it will have major positive impact on the development of Middle East countries.

AASPUC was formed as result of a strategic partnership that combines 20+ years expertise in business software in the higher education field (e.g. campus solutions from SAP and PeopleSoft) with another 20+ years expertise in educational services.

Leadership team with Ph.D in Engineering and Education have multi years’ experience working as Faculty, Educational Services or Providing Higher education software to North American Universities. In addition, our leadership team are senior technology leaders with 20+ Years extensive experience in building innovative products in the Higher Education y starting from concept stage to large adoption stage.

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